Made in Oakland and Brooklyn

Evermore is an independent company owned and operated by Alison Wiener and Hanna Mandelbaum, founded in Brooklyn, NY in 2009. We are a bicoastal business, with Hanna holding down the fort in Brooklyn and Alison pioneering new territory in the Bay Area. Our mission is to provide an innovative alternative in the marketplace—fresh and healthy cooked food for dogs.  We share an alma mater in the University of Chicago, a buttload of creativity, deep love and respect for animals, and a passion for nutritious, sustainable food.

At Evermore, we believe we should feed our pets the way we should feed ourselves—with high-quality, minimally processed, whole food ingredients.  Like many of us, we (Evermore humans) make conscientious decisions every day about what we put in our own bodies. Since our pets don’t have the same luxury of making those choices for themselves, we owe them the best.  In fact, we are so dedicated to the quality of Evermore that we even ate our dog food for one month straight during our Evermore Me campaign in March 2011 (spoiler alert: we got Kathie Lee to taste it, too!).

Evermore is a labor of love laden with challenges: the challenge to provide a food that is light-years beyond other offerings on the market, the challenge to turn a wonderful product filled with so much heart into a viable business, and the challenge to do so with integrity.


Alison & Connor – Oakland, CA