About Us

For over sixty years Pet Cottage has provided organic foods, holistic remedies, and nutritional advice for dogs and cats. Although our roots are well established in the Bay Area we strive to educate pet lovers throughout US. Our goal is simple: to help you find natural pet products. Foods, treats, toys and beds are all chosen to assure the safest, best quality in everything sold. Our affordable and healthy products meet the highest standards and help your pet achieve a healthy life.


In 1939 Pet Cottage began as Marin’s first feed shop specializing in raw food. Originally located in a small cottage on Greenfield Avenue in San Anselmo, the store featured a butcher counter where raw meats were prepared for pets. These highly nutritious foods were created as an alternative to over processed commercial kibble. In 1950 the store moved to a location with more foot traffic on San Anselmo Avenue.

In 1980 Gay Hunt purchased Pet Cottage and began an era of even greater expansion. In the 90′s Gay partnered with her daughter Sandie and began to use Sandie’s knowledge to grow the business. Together they found new products with a more natural ingredient base sourced in the USA. New natural dry kibble, freeze dried foods, treats, toys, and assorted sundries were added to the selection of existing raw foods. The store relocated to a 3000 square foot facility near its original Greenfield location in 2005.

Today the shop continues to offer the highest quality foods for dogs and cats while educating pet owners. The Pet Cottage team researches all of our products to assure everything sold is the best available.

Our Mission

To help pets achieve a healthy life by giving customers truthful, researched information and by providing affordable and natural products that meet the highest standards.